We are AMPED FOR CAMP – no matter what. This collaborative project is brought to you by Parks & Recreation professionals and friends from multiple agencies in the Hudson Valley for the love of camp and our communities.

Since many of us will not be operating camp traditionally or physically from our own facilities, we will still advocate for A VALUABLE CAMP EXPERIENCE for ALL CHILDREN. We will support parents, caregivers, and children through this unique time.

Before this pandemic, our cities, towns and villages operated individually. We bounced occasional ideas off each other and shared best practices to meet the needs of our own counties, communities, and our own parks. We are now dedicated to being AMPED FOR CAMP TOGETHER in the Hudson Valley with anyone who chooses to partner with us.

Determined to create an enriching summer despite our current challenges, members from the Hudson Valley Leisure Services Association (HVLSA) and beyond are coming together to provide this website as a one-stop resource for our local camps and families.

Established in 1975, the Hudson Valley Leisure Services Association (HVLSA) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering professional growth and collaboration among colleagues in the Parks and Recreation industry.

The mission of the HVLSA is to unite in one association all professionals with common interests in Inclusive Recreation. (Inclusive Recreation is defined as all facets of the recreation profession; which
include but are not limited to: Parks, Leisure, Therapeutic, Education
and Commercial).

So, here we are. A resource for you, for the love of camp, and for our communities. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.