This site is a collaborative project dedicated to getting you AMPED FOR CAMP each day NO MATTER WHAT.

Summer Camp is no longer just a ‘nice thing to have’ in our communities. Access to a Summer Camp experience is a necessity. Summer Camp has the power to provide a sense of equity through exciting, enriching, and encouraging programming. Summer Camp is for all of us.

We choose to look at all the positives of a camp experience, including a HOME-BASED camp experience. Regardless of location, ability, or economic status, we can BRING CAMP TO EVERYONE through this platform as an equalizer, despite the many challenges of this unique season.

There is no paid subscription.

There are no registration fees.

You are free to choose your level of participation.

Have your child follow the daily camp schedule (begins July 6) every inch of the way while you work from home OR choose your favorite idea and give it your own twist as a family when you have time. Most camp activities will prioritize a child’s independence and creativity using common household items to spark imagination and wonder about the world around them. Videos of encouragement from local leaders and community friends will be used to continue positive messages all summer long.

We’ve made a commitment to be here for you daily during this summer season –> your job is to GET AMPED FOR CAMP!